Waterproof Fishing Carry Bag

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Whether you're on a long camping with your family and friends or hunting or fishing journey into the wilderness, this great folding fishing bucket is perfect for you. By filling it up with water, you instantly have a handy basin where you can put in fish, shrimp or other things. Additionally, you can use it as a practical and multifunction water container for any purpose. It's perfect to hold ice and keep your drinks cold, or even as a container for your fruit or vegetables.
- Color: Army Green/Blue/Black.
- Size: Approx. 45 x 26 x 26cm/40 x 25 x 25cm.
- Material: EVA.
- Made from EVA material and waterproof.
- Bunghole zippered mouth network design, either fetching water, fish can also be contained in it.
- Foldable bucket save space for easy storage.
- Good compression resistance, strong heat preservation, lightweight suitable for long distance transportation,
- Can be used to put small tools, water, food, and fish etc..